Reconfigurable Omnidirectional Articulated wheeled Mobile Robot
Articulated Wheeled Robotic (AWR) locomotion systems consist of chassis connected to a set of wheels through articulated linkages. Such articulated leg-wheel systems facilitate reconfigurability that has significant applications in many arenas, but also engender constraints that make the design, analysis and control difficult. We will study this class of systems in the context of design, analysis and control of a novel planar reconfigurable omnidirectional wheeled mobile platform.

There are many scenarios where planar AWRs could benefit from reconfigurability (which in the past has often only been explored in the context of uneven terrain locomotion). For instance, the robot base may need to be compact when passing a narrow doorway and be extended to enhance stability when manipulating heavy objects. Hence we examine a wheeled platform design (with active articulations and actively driven disk wheels) for the purpose of achieving omnidirectional mobility together with the ability to reconfigure for different tasks.

We propose a novel planar reconfigurable omnidirectional articulated wheeled mobile robot (ROAMeR). This robot distinguishes from existing planar mobile robot by having capability to change the location of all the caster wheels. The modeling and control complexity of the ROAMeR increase with the addition of these articulations and their interaction with the contact constraints. The physical prototype is controlled using an onboard embedded computer running a real-time operating system. We will then use the physical prototype to verify our design and control.

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 Students Involved:

- Qiushi Fu, M.S., University at Buffalo [Graduated]

- Xiaobo Zhou, PhD Candidate, University at Buffalo


 Movies :

1. Obstacle Avoidance with Reconfiguration

- The RoMeR avoids the obstacle by "shrinking" its legs while tracking the trajectory.

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 Related Publications - Conference Proceedings:

Q. Fu and V. Krovi, "Articulated Wheeled Robots: Exploiting Reconfigurability and Redundancy," in Proceedings of 2008 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, DSCC2008-130, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA., 2008.


 Related Publications - Theses:

Q. Fu, "Kinematics of Articulated Wheeled Robot: Exploiting Reconfigurability and Redundancy," M.S. Thesis, Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, Sep. 2008.


Sponsor: This project is supported in part by the NSF Awards IIS-0347653(CAREER) and CNS-0751132.

Last Updated: December 13, 2010